We’ve Got a New, well, Everything!

Hey guys! This is to update you on several things. One, I’ve changed the website from the GabrielMatthew Blog to the Gabriel Coats Blog, to add less confusion as to who I am. Additionally, I have a new logo! Anyway, this is just mainly to update you all on where my blog is located. You … Continue reading We’ve Got a New, well, Everything!

Second Unofficial Rydell Revelations Trailer

https://ia601403.us.archive.org/9/items/rydell-part-7-9-trailer-3/Rydell%2C%20Part%207-9%20Trailer%203.mp3 Rydell, Phase 1. It all comes down, tomorrow... So, I would have posted this before, but I cannot get signed in to my old account on Archive, so I got a new one. Now this opens up a lot of opportunities. Anyway, I am pumped for Part 3, and I will most likely be listening … Continue reading Second Unofficial Rydell Revelations Trailer