Happy May the 4th!

Just promoting the only podcast ever to be a Star Wars podcast under the guise of being an Adventures in Odyssey fancast. 🤣🤣🤣 Anyway, May the Fourth be with you, always.

This is the Way.

-Gabriel Coats

9 thoughts on “Happy May the 4th!

        • Little dude’s dropping truth-bombs over here! 😂
          But I can’t.
          If you want the honest truth, here it is. This is not you directly; this is everyone in the AIO Fanbase.
          I felt God impress on me to get rid of some voices in my life—man, I feel so bad saying this, but I know I’ll have to say it eventually. Because of that, I had to reevaluate what literal voices I was listening to; if it wasn’t helping me grow in my spiritual walk with God, then I needed to cut it off.
          It started off with a couple. The Inner Tube, WodFamChocPod, others alike. But I still felt God keep impressing on me to get rid of more. Those happened to be the AIO Fan Podcasts that I still kept because, quote, “I’ll go insane.” Thankfully, after unsubscribing from all of them, I haven’t as of yet. My other reasoning was that, quote again, “They’re beneficial to me.” Yes, that’s true, but you guys don’t believe the doctrinal truths that I don’t; likewise vise-versa. And I can’t afford to have any voices in my life that can, and will, be in opposition to my pastor.
          So yeah. That’s why I’ve withdrawn. I deleted Discord, I unsubscribed from the podcasts, and then realized I would have to unsub’ from the blogs to not pull me back from my consecration. I’m sorry if you’re outright offended, but it’s… it’s the truth. Love you all, and again, I’ll be back on my podcast… eventually. But until then, I’m going to be no longer involved in the Odyssey Fanbase.

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          • I have to admit that I did think it all must have been for some greater over-arching reason. So do you feel that Odyssey and FOTF are not aligned with what you believe, or is it just the podcasts? And, if you don’t mind discussing this, what specifically do you believe I was saying that was harming your spiritual walk?

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            • I can know when Odyssey will talk about.. okay, I’ll just say it: the Trinity. I don’t believe in a triune God. I believe that the fullness of the Godhead is in Jesus Christ. (I would rather this discussion not pivot towards that, but it can if you feel the need to.) Yea, there are a few references elsewhere, but usually they’ve kept it to only two of nine hundred episodes.
              So perhaps it’s a bit of a double standard; in which case I’ll stop listening to Odyssey when God tells me to. Maybe he’s telling me right now. But I felt to delete some podcasts, remove some voices, and I have done so.
              As to the other question, let me make it abundantly, and I mean abundantly, clear: it wasn’t you specifically, nor was it anyone else for that matter. Moreover, it was a general feel, that if I said something contrary to what everyone else believes, others would strongly push back. It also was what could be said. Pushing me one way or another, and maybe getting me out of alignment with my pastor. And no, I don’t want you to start feeling bad. For crying out loud, you just released your first, I don’t know, official episode of your podcast. Other than that, it was AIO Audio News stuff. Again, it wasn’t anyone in specifics. I just knew, if it wasn’t growing me in my walk with God, it needed to be cut off. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be something that pushes me a step back. Sometimes it could just be keeping me from moving forward, and I desperately need to, especially in this hour of the church. I hope that all makes sense.

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              • My advice would be to pray a lot. Also continue to talk to the people you trust. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but prayerful consideration is always good. I’ll be praying too. And no, I’m not offended by you expressing your beliefs and I’m not trying o dissuade you from them either. I do believe in the trinity, but I’m not debating it now. I understand that I’m not the one who pushed you to cut things off but if there’s anything I said that you disagreed with, I’d like to know. Just to hear it, I don’t think debate is what’s needed now.

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