A Review of Chapter 9 of the Mandalorian

Hello everyone. You might not know, but I am a huge Star Wars fan. So, after staying up late to watch the Season 2 premiere, I decided to write up a little review. I am now going to turn this into a post for you all to read. I hope you enjoy this review, which will talk about the episode, so if you have not seen it, then go watch it, then come back and read this post.

First off, I love the “Previous on the Mandalorian” segment. That is such a cool thing to add. Also, I have not seen this new thing with the metallic crossover of the Star Wars, so that was cool. Secondly, I think this might be a bit too much for Baby Yoda. Seriously. I get it, he’s seen worse. But no child should live with that terror at a young age.

So, for the plot. I feel it subverted expections a little, where you expect the plot of the season to start in the first episode. All we get that contributes to the season is the beginning part, where we learn Mando’s looking for some Mandalorians, and then the end where now he has Boba Fett’s armor. But honestly, I think that’s okay. I like the story of this, where two “enemies” unite and defeat a common enemy. And now, do I feel sorry for Tusken Raiders? Now I feel more mad at Anakin for slaughtering them. Also, must I say, it was a missed opportunity for the Tuskens to not even mention a brown-haired Jedi with blue laser-sword killing their grandparents’ friends.

Two things about the episode that aren’t related, but I’m going to group them together. First, this episode is 55 minutes long! Good grief! I hope none of the others in this season are that long. It works, but still. Secondly, I think it’s super cool how the black bars zoom out almost, and the aspect ratio changes. That was really a super cool effect for that last fight against the krayt dragon. Oh, and while I’m thinking about it, Mando, you gotta clean up your armor. Green stains will not work.

Alright, so I’d like to get to the fan-service, which has me a bit worried, since I also know that <spoiler> will be later in the season, who is a fan-favorite, so this has me a bit concerned. First, Tatooine, then we get Banthas, (a LOT of Banthas) then we have blue milk, then what looks to be podracing engines. I’m okay with it, it’s fine; it just has me worried.

Okay, now for that man at the end. I know that it’s Boba Fett. It makes sense, and also it sets up why Mando has his armor. And if so, this is the first time we have seen grownup Boba without his helmet on. Question is, what does he want? Is he going to be good, bad, neither? We’ll have to see.

Overall Thoughts: Fantastic; love it. If I am not able to watch the rest I will think back to this great episode. I absolutely love the plot, and the whole episode was thrilling. I can’t wait for the next episodes in this episode.

Do you have anything you want to add? Comment below your thoughts on the episode.

-Gabriel Coats

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